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Must Believe In Jesus Name: Book Of Elijah




Must Believe In Jesus Name: Book of Elijah

by Ricky Eugene Woods

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Over 2500-years in the making, the Book, "MUST BELIEVE IN JESUS NAME" will be very important to you, if you love your family or care about saving the Planet! That is about how much time has passed since the Book of Daniel was written, and over 1900-years since John wrote the Book of Revelation. But why did Jesus give Daniel and John those Books to write? At Micah 7:13, God says, "the Earth will become a devastated wasteland due to mankind's activities." Revelation 12:18 agrees with Micah 7:13: "The Nations were angry, but Your wrath has come for the dead to be judged, and to reward Your servants, saints, and prophets, and to reward those who fear Your Name, both great and small, and the time has come to destroy those who are destroying the Earth: Revelation 12:18." Many Scientist agree with the Bible that we have only a short time left to reverse mankind's destruction of Planet Earth. Also, most Christians agree "the End Time Signs" are all around us.
"So how do we save Planet Earth?" God says that He will send the Prophet Elijah to help save those families willing to stop chasing the American Dream which has practically destroyed the Earth. Elijah's goal is to turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and to turn the hearts of children to their fathers before the curses listed in the Book of Revelation take effect; Malachi 4:5. Matthew 17:11 confirms that Elijah does come first and restores everything.
At Revelation chapter 10, John was given a "Little Scroll" to eat. That "Little Scroll" was a future event, because John was given the Book of Revelation, by a Revelation from Jesus Christ. On September 13, 2008, God gave the "Little Scroll" to a certain man who recorded in this Book. The Two Witnesses at Revelation 11, will use the information on the front and back of that "Little Scroll" as God final message to mankind. The purpose of the ministry carried out by the Two Witnesses is to restore Earths families, something the Jewish and Gentile churches failed to do during the church age.
"MUST BELIEVE IN JESUS NAME" or "BOOK OF ELIJAH" is designed to save your family and Planet
Earth. The Book is divided into three sections: "Sequence of Creation" God explains how He Created our Universe, and the many Parallel Universes with the Creation Formula. The "Main Text" explains why God is not happy with the families that make up the present day Christian churches, the Nations and their Armies. The "Opinion Section" is probably the most important, and is designed to prove or disprove the Main Text.
"Why a Third Book of the Bible?" Everything has a time and a season, and this is why Jesus did not clarify everything He said. He left some information to His Disciples, and some to the Two Witnesses, like the information in the "Flying Scroll" at Zachariah 5:1-4, and the "Little Scroll" at Revelation 10. Then we have what the Seven Thunders spoke that John was told not to write down; Revelation 10:3, 4.
Much of Daniel and Revelation is imagery that must be clarified. This will give everyone all the information needed, so they may be spared from the coming wrath and make it through the Great Tribulation. And with so many Bible translations without using God's Name, has caused much misunderstanding and confusion, a New Book is necessary. This Third Book containing the most important Bible Scriptures, in no way changes the truth in the Original Manuscripts, but with modern day language it will be easier to read and understand. Its primary target is young adults, but all ages and gender will be interested in God's Final Message before He destroys those who are destroying the Earth. I hope this overview will be helpful to all people, especially fathers and mothers, that is if you are interested in saving your family.
Ricky Eugene Woods, Servant of Yahweh God, and co-worker with Jesus Christ.




















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Ricky Eugene Woods


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